JASC Volume 2 Issue 2
JASC Volume 2 Issue 2
JASC Volume 2 Issue 2

JASC Volume 2 Issue 2

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The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change is an online, open access journal which you can access at no cost hereThis printed copy is also available and includes the following articles:

  • The ‘Tender Narrator’ Who Sees Beyond Time by Thomas Hübl and Lori Shridare
  • Mindfulness and Behavioural Insights by Rachel Lilley, Mark Whitehead, and Gerald Midgely
  • Radical Participatory Design by Victor Udoewa
  • Our Fire Stories by John Davis and Rhonda Coopes
  • Action Research With and For Pack Mules by Glen Cousquer and Abdelaziz Haounti
  • From Me to We by Stacey Guenther
  • Group Coherence by Jessica Bockler
  • The Navigation System, the Planetary Gardener, and the Prism by Sohail Inayatullah, Emma D. Paine, and Otto Scharmer

Product details: Printed with a black & white interior on 80# white coated paper, with a perfect-bound color cover, in an A4 format.

Cover art: Marie-Pascale Gafinen