JABSC Volume 1 Issue 2
JABSC Volume 1 Issue 2
JABSC Volume 1 Issue 2

JABSC Volume 1 Issue 2

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The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change is an online, open access journal which you can access at no cost hereThis printed copy is also available and includes the following articles:

  • Reversing the “Eclipse of Relationality” by Peter Westoby
  • Embodying Experiential Learning by Vivianna Rodriguez Carreon and Penny Vozniak
  • The Reflexible Person by Rolf Arnold and Michael Schön
  • The New Paradigm Is Already Here by Kirsi Hakio Systems
  • Sensing and Systemic Constellations for Organizational Transformation by Luea Ritter and Nancy Zamierowski
  • Realizing Collective Capacities to Navigate Complexity by Raghav Rajagopalan
  • Striving for Justice by Ermal Kirby, Jill Marsh, Charity Nzegwu, Bevan Powell, and Adrian Roux, with Sue Miller and Megan Seneque

Product details: Printed with a black & white interior on 80# white coated paper, with a perfect-bound color cover, in an A4 format.

Cover art: Jean-Baptiste Bonvalot