JASC Volume 3 Issue 2
JASC Volume 3 Issue 2
JASC Volume 3 Issue 2

JASC Volume 3 Issue 2

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The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change is an online, open access journal which you can access at no cost here. This printed copy is also available and includes the following articles:

  • Entanglements: Working with the Invisible Dimension of Systems Transformation by Oliver Koenig, Megan Seneque, Eva Pomeroy, and Otto Scharmer

  • On Regenerative African Futures: Sovereignty, Becoming Human, Death, and Forgiveness as Fertile Paradoxes for Decolonial Soul Work by Injairu Kulundu-Bolus

  • Radical Collaboration to Transform Social Systems: Moving Forward Together with Love, Power, and Justice by Adam Kahane

  • The MAP to Compassion: A Systems-Based Model of Human Needs by Deborah Heifetz

  • Social Poetry: Introduction to Foundations and Tools by John Stubley

  • Advancing the Field of Presencing: Five Principles to Inform the Development of Emerging Presencing Approaches by Olen Gunnlaugson

  • A Deep Dive into Social Field Shifts: Examining Field Autonomy and Malleability During an Awareness-based Change Program by Lukas Herrmann

  • Nurturing Activism: Addressing Relational Tensions through the Social Field by Antonio Starnino

  • Dismantling Structural Racism in Organisational Systems by Rebecca Freeth, Akanimo Akpan, Mahmood Sonday

  • Adaptive Humanism: Moving From Limiting to Quantum Narratives to Connect with the Emerging Future by Francisco Miraval and Herlinda Quintan

  • Transformative Practices from the Pluriverse by León Staines-Diaz and Marysol Uribe

  • The Extended Citizens’ Assembly Model for Collaborative Governance: Co-creating a Shared Vision from the Basque Gipuzkoa Province by Antonio Casado da Rocha

  • Ecosystem Activation in Latin America: Embracing the Complex Edges of the System by Eva Pomeroy, Dayani Centeno-Torres, Carolina Da Rosa, Viviana Galdames, Laura Pastorini, Janine Saponara, Mariana Suniata-Miranda

Product details: Printed with a black & white interior on 80# white coated paper, with a perfect-bound color cover, in an A4 format.

Cover art: Gabriele Schlipf