JASC Volume 2 Issue 1
JASC Volume 2 Issue 1
JASC Volume 2 Issue 1

JASC Volume 2 Issue 1

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The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change is an online, open access journal which you can access at no cost hereThis printed copy is also available and includes the following articles:

  • Telling Sauna Stories by Erin Alexiuk
  • Relational and Embodied Epistemologies in Peace Education by Daniela Lehner
  • Relational Systems Thinking by Melanie Goodchild
  • Convening Transformation Systems to Achieve System Transformation by Sandra Waddock, Steve Waddell, Peter H. Jones, and Ian Kendrick
  • MAPA: Co-Creating New Narratives for the 21st Century by Renata Sbardelini, Danielle Almeida, and Liliane Moreira Ramos
  • MAPA Social Innovation Lab by José Romero Keith
  • Three Horizons Meets Presencing for Inclusive, Just and Equitable Futures by Oliver Koenig, Megan Seneque, Bill Sharpe, Zahra Ash-Harper, Stefan Bergheim, Anthony Hodgson, and Asiya Odugleh-Kolev

Product details: Printed with a black & white interior on 80# white coated paper, with a perfect-bound color cover, in an A4 format.

Cover art: Jayce Pei Yu Lee