JASC Volume 3 Issue 1
JASC Volume 3 Issue 1
JASC Volume 3 Issue 1

JASC Volume 3 Issue 1

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The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change is an online, open access journal which you can access at no cost here. This printed copy is also available and includes the following articles:

  • In Memory of Ed Schein  by Otto Scharmer
  • Subtractive Awareness  by Hilary Bradbury et al.
  • Conscious Systemic Leadership  by Rajneesh Chowdhury
  • The Vitality Triangle  by Elizabeth Walsh and Jessica Abell
  • Relational Design  by Victor Udoewa and Savannah Keith Gress
  • Ubuntu by Megan Seneque, Aggie Kalungu-Banda, Martin Kalungu-Banda, and Sharon Munyaka
  • Psychopolitical Foresensing for Social Transformation by Fernanda Cimini Salles and Maria Homem
  • Expanded Perspectives on Social Transformation in Brazille by Michelle Cristina Sampaio

Product details: Printed with a black & white interior on 80# white coated paper, with a perfect-bound color cover, in an A4 format.

Cover art: Reilly Dow